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Experimental feature

Scottish artist Martin Creed, subject of a retrospective at London’s Hayward Gallery, likes repetition – a light turning on and off, chairs stacked on each other, runners sprinting through a gallery at 30-second intervals. He also likes making music, but here, on his debut album Mind Trap, the repetition is merely irritating.

Creed warbles stock phrases over primitive two-chord indie rock, observations such as “If you’re feeling bad and your thoughts are sad, pass them on to someone else” sounding both fey and clunking, like Belle and Sebastian falling down a staircase. A long orchestral composition at the end signals an abrupt change in tack, Creed revealing a hitherto unsuspected ear for nuance, developing themes not simply setting them up like a bad one-liner.

Martin Creed

Mind Trap

(Telephone Records)

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