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Robin Thicke is getting a hammering for his public attempt to win estranged wife Paula Patton back, a marital break-up that may or may not be related to Thicke’s super-sleazy wandering-hands anthem “Blurred Lines”.

A Twitter Q&A session with the singer descended into a #mockery while US reviews of Paula have greeted it as enthusiastically as an unexplained rash.

So how bad is it? Well, lines like “At least open the doggy door, throw a friend a juicy bone” are a turn-off – OK, they’re a disaster – but the songs are actually all right, returning to the brassy, throaty R&B that Thicke (a decent singer) pursued back in his journeyman days.

The eponymous Paula may be best off out of it, but that’s no reason for everyone to abandon the sinking Thicke.

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