Food & Drink Christmas Special 2017

From Cuban black beans to South African sheep’s head, chefs and FT writers reveal what they will be cooking this year. Plus, a Chinese take on turkey leftovers, a punchy alternative to mulled wine, whisky tasting and is Christmas still Christmas if you eat out?

From Australian sparkling Shiraz to South African sheep’s head, chefs and FT writers on what they’ll be cooking

Sichuan turkey, fried rice and sour-and-hot soup: recipes to refresh the Christmas menu

A comprehensive guide to the best champagnes, whites, reds, sweet and strong wines

Restaurant dining avoids squabbles and stress – but it can be dangerous

‘My mother might allow herself a treat of a small glass of amontillado, but only once the gravy had been made’

Forget mulled wine – Alice Lascelles warms to spiced apple brandy punch

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