Frieze Week 2018

The arrival of Frieze London and Frieze Masters in Regent’s Park kick-starts a week of art fairs and exhibition openings in the UK capital. Here are some of the highlights, themes and trends

Plus: Hong Kong-born artist Wong Ping wins the Camden Arts Centre Emerging Arts Prize

The Swiss artist weaves together the concerns of Francesca Woodman and Rachel Whiteread: spaces, skins and the psyche

Political work and street art is on offer at a more affordable level

Across different media and imagery, the figure has remained a constant theme in his work

The French conceptualist’s exhibition is as dramatic as anything he has made

It also purchased two works by multimedia artist Zadie Xa

More from this Series

The jewellery designer’s new pieces are arresting hybrids of ornament and object, industrial manufacturing and handmade artisanship

The artist talks to sixth-form students about the rise of house music

Among the razzle-dazzle, it is the quieter works that stand out

The African-American painter on stereotypes, the western canon and who decides market value

The African-American artist comments on museum culture, on value in art, and the market

The award-winning 27-year-old novelist on sex, class and the internet in fiction

Female artists are to the fore, including in a new section focused on activism and the 1980s

The artist has made her name examining weighty current issues through a dark yet comic lens

Speakers included Richard Rogers, Shigeru Ban, Jamie Fobert and Ellen van Loon

Galleries show off new charges; ceramics all the rage; the ‘death’ of street art; brave faces at Istanbul fair

Sophisticated programming puts cultural offerings from commercial galleries on a par with institutions

Its aim is to address the market’s gender imbalance

The artist’s new documentary looks at politics and music in 1988, the ‘second summer of love’

Many pieces at this year’s fair are inspired by natural forms

Specialist dealer Gisèle Croës is bringing objects that range from c1500BC to the 18th century to the fair for the first time

It’s everywhere today — and the roots of the genre may well go back to pre-historic times

A look into the financing of works that literally don’t stand still

Ahead of the 1-54 fair, we meet the father-daughter team promoting African and Middle Eastern art

His wafer-thin vessels are created using only a hammer

This year’s exhibits range from 20th-century design and fine art to tribal objects, antiquities and jewellery

The artist is creatively applying his ‘hacker philosophy’ to his work, which can be viewed via peer-to-peer sharing