Facebook privacy breach

Personal data of 50m US voters from Facebook was gathered and then allegedly used by the political consultancy Cambridge Analytica. The developing scandal has not only wiped billions off the social network’s market value, it has also raised questions about its role in the democratic process. Here is the best of the FT’s news coverage

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Zuckerberg and Sandberg attempt to project fresh image of humility and transparency

At FT event, Chris Hughes also faults social network for role in rise of Donald Trump

Zuckerberg outlines efforts to address issue but says there is ‘more to do’

New York pension fund official calls for Facebook board shake-up to protect user privacy

Federal Trade Commission had vowed to hold social network to account on privacy

Facebook founder calls Apple chief’s comments on data failure ‘extremely glib’

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Collecting users’ information is not inherently bad — but safeguards must be better

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower accuses social network of not enforcing its own rules

Company executive wrote in 2016 that using ‘questionable’ practices was justified

Social network to stop providing data from brokers to advertisers and centralise settings

Facebook and Twitter also hold and use assets that belong to their customers

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower unveils fresh allegations over Brexit campaign

Social network facing fines of $40,000 per violation per day if found in breach of 2011 pact

Executive admits social network ‘caught flat-footed’ by Cambridge Analytica data leak

Ex-Trump strategist linked to Cambridge Analytica plays down involvement in political targeting

Debate highlights sharp divisions between the two companies’ approaches

US company’s response is a classic example of how to deal with calls for more regulation

Chief’s comments after Cambridge Analytica scandal meet mixed response

Colleagues had been concerned about Aleksandr Kogan’s use of research

Chief executive admits user privacy mistakes after revelations over Cambridge Analytica

Companies cannot count on strong-arming picky users by denying them content

Theresa May moves to distance party from data company in Facebook scandal

Shareholdings under review and class action lawsuits lined up

A guide to managing apps on the social network, deactivating or deleting your account

Did the company violate its 2011 settlement with the US Federal Trade Commission?

Critics say low profile founder and other leading executives has not helped company

Cambridge Analytica suspends chief Alexander Nix as pressure mounts over data leak

The platform offers a powerful tool for companies to mine user data

A wondrous informational resource is turning into a cyber cesspit

One-year forward P/E ratio plumbs lowest level since social media giant listed in 2012

The success of a small data firm to target users points to tools companies can use

Company forced into spotlight after Facebook allegations

Suspended CEO had become public face of data analytics company

Information Commissioner raises concern about Facebook move to send in auditors

Politicians call for company’s chief Mark Zuckerberg to testify about privacy breach