A rehearsal of ‘Wonderland’ at Hampstead Theatre

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Thirty years after the miners’ strike, this epic new play by Beth Steel (the daughter of a miner) looks back at this crucial episode in British political, industrial and sociological history. Set in the Midlands in 1984 it follows the experiences of two young lads who are about to become miners and seeks to understand what it means to belong to that difficult and dangerous trade and that close-knit community, and to do so at a pivotal time.

Edward Hall’s production aims to recreate the extraordinary world of a pit, hundreds of feet underground, depicting the extreme working conditions and the camaraderie of the men. It also aims to convey the scale of the ideological battle that took place between the radical Conservative government of the day and the powerful workforce. The two main players, Margaret Thatcher and Arthur Scargill, will not make an appearance but their influence will be potent.

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