The end of term saw the first round of final examinations. Unlike my undergraduate degree when I had sleepless nights cramming, I was ready for these exams and strangely excited about the challenge.

I had five individual course examinations and was also assigned a 72-hour group case study in statistics. With the majority of exam results being released over the Christmas period I was pleased with my grades and aim to maintain these results over the next three semesters.

During the Christmas period many people chose to travel around Europe together and some hit the Alps for some skiing. However with London so close and my student bank balance so small I travelled back to finally see my girlfriend for an extended period whilst also catching up with friends and family. Christmas also brought an end to the MBA students from the September 2012 course. A large party including a superb show created by a student from my intake was arranged as we wished them the best luck with their future endeavours.

Although the Christmas break was a time when I relaxed and spent too long on the sofa watching daytime TV I also tried to use it in a productive fashion to take some pressure off next semester. I prepared for potential interviews through reading relevant market books, speaking to alumni and continued the search for a summer internship. As a career changer I wanted to further my knowledge in a separate sector and so I contacted a few start-ups of interest and have been offered a role/project I can work on while undertaking my studies this semester. Once all the formalities are complete I will post an update with news but for now I’m very much looking forward to utilising what I have learnt at university in the real world.

Our second semester begins tomorrow and we have been joined by 60 new students from the January 2014 intake. I am a little jealous as I know they have an exciting few weeks and months ahead of them. This term will see me studying six new modules and continuing with my French studies, which will culminate in the end of the core section of my MBA and so I will need to decide on my specialisation shortly. I expect the intensity will be cranked up once again but as always I’m happy to meet the challenge.

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