London Design Special 2018

What can you glean about gaming’s virtual architects, a biodesign guru’s innovations, home tech’s softer edge, or life after plastic? These are just some of the discoveries awaiting you in our special magazine celebrating this year’s London Design Festival

From pottery to poetry, dazzle camouflage to digitally printed leather

New design areas reveal plenty about how the city sees itself

An interview with the biodesign guru whose stunning innovations fuse science and art

Designers are finding subtler solutions when it comes to domestic technology

How video games became a subject for design museums. And why they can also provide real-life solutions

Greek rebellion, Australian positivity — London’s Design Biennale wants to make us feel as well as think

From sketch pad to showroom, designers and brands are embracing sustainability. But are they considering ‘the whole story’?

The desirability of mid-century modern design is reshaping the way we collect