Vegan food & drink

From Jancis Robinson’s vegan wines to Henry Mance’s inedible fake cheese, this special issue takes a look at the vegan zeitgeist. If everyone turned vegan, would we be healthier and happier? Could we save the planet? Plus Fuchsia Dunlop’s delectable vegan Chinese recipes

Life without meat or dairy? Can it offer more than social isolation, endless chopping and inedible fake cheese? Henry Mance reports

‘If we cut out meat and dairy, we would all live longer, healthier, happier lives’

‘A diet of fags, booze and chips is technically vegan – but won’t help you outlive your burger-munching peers’

The amount of farmland needed to sustain human life would shrink by 3.1bn hectares – the size of the African continent

Chinese food is perfect for vegans since dairy products are largely absent from the traditional diet — and their vegetables are delectable

‘Liberty Wines reports that customers’ most frequent question is whether a particular wine is vegan’