From Prof K. Sreenivasan.

Sir, Denis Compton, the famous English batsman, was renowned for reaching outside his sport; his soccer skill of running out opponents with a well-directed kick after the batsman had pushed the ball to him in his favourite fielding position at cover point.

Simon Kuper ( “Maradona gambles on the ‘owner’ to deliver Cup glory”, July 3) has been less successful in reaching outside the sport with the phrase “quarterback getting sacked”, which is usually an indication of a weak offensive line unable to protect the QB, or a QB with a nasty habit of leaving his pocket, or a very good defensive secondary that is closely guarding all the eligible receivers; but never a soccer star of Lionel Messi’s stature.

Perhaps Mr Kuper will succeed better in reaching outside his sport if he reaches into the Russian ballet lexicon to describe the balletic quality of South American soccer wizardry.

Krishnamachar Sreenivasan,

Northwestern Polytechnic University,

Fremont, CA, US

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