South Africa’s Jacob Zuma broke his silence on the pressure from the ruling African National Congress to remove him as president, accusing the party’s leader Cyril Ramaphosa of being “unfair” to him.

“I need to be furnished on what I have done [wrong] and unfortunately that hasn’t been done,” Mr Zuma, who is facing a no-confidence vote in parliament on Thursday, told SABC, South Africa’s state broadcaster.

The interview was Mr Zuma’s first remarks since the ANC formally fired him this week as president, demanding his immediate resignation.

Mr Zuma said that he did not understand why ANC officials led by Mr Ramaphosa, the deputy president, had been pushing him to resign.

“I found it unfair, very unfair to me,” Mr Zuma said. “What is this hurry, what are you rushing for?”

He denied there were two centres of power in the country despite the stand-off which has its origins in Mr Ramaphosa defeating his preferred successor as ANC leader last year.

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