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The first three attacks that occurred on the London Underground are now thought to have happened “almost simultaneously”, according to the Metropolitan Police. The attacks are said to have taken place just after 8.50am, and up to 50 seconds apart. The fourth attack on the bus in Tavistock Square is still timed at 9.47am.

Forensic work is still taking place at all four sites.


The first attack was on a Circle line train travelling between the underground stations Aldgate and Liverpool Street. The explosion occurred at 8.50am in the tunnel about 100 metres east of Liverpool Street station, with the device in the third carriage of the train. Police have confirmed that seven people died.


The second attack (originally thought to be the third attack at 9:17am) was at 8.50am on a Circle line train departing Edgware Road for Paddington. The bomb was in the second carriage of the train in the standing area by the first set of double doors. The explosion ripped through a wall and damaged two other trains.


Third explosion (originally timed at 8.56am) was also at 8.50am on a train travelling between Kings Cross and Russell Square underground stations on the Piccadilly line. The bomb was in the first carriage in the standing area by the first set of double doors.


The fourth attack took place at 9:47am as a bomb ripped the top deck off a double-decker bus in Woburn Place / Tavistock Square.

Police have confirmed that 52 people have died, with over 700 injured and 22 in a critical condition.

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As it unfolded:

08:50 First indications received by London Underground Network Control Centre (NCC) of a problem on the network suggested a power supply problem affecting a large area

08:51 The Central line called the NCC inquiring about a possible large noise or explosion on board a train at Liverpool Street

08:51 The first call to the Metropolitan Police indicated they were being asked to attend a person under a train incident caused by the derailment

08.52 Emergency services are called to Liverpool Street after reports of an explosion The Metropolitan line confirmed that an explosion had taken place. The NCC believed this to be directly related to the ongoing power supply issue

08:53 London Underground commenced Gold Control (command and control person in charge of a serious incident on the Underground)

08:59 The NCC received a report indicating that a train departing Edgware Road station had hit the tunnel wall. Further information came in quickly, including smoke and passengers self de-training and walking down the tunnel towards the nearest station, Edgware Road. Line managers immediately called the emergency services believing this to be a derailment

09:01 The Metropolitan line reported that a person may be under a train at Liverpool Street. This was the third issue that the NCC was now dealing with within a space of 11 minutes

09:03 The Piccadilly line duty operations manager received reports of passengers running from King’s Cross

09:05 The NCC advised of walking wounded at Edgware Road

09:09 An engineer reported losing a high-tension power cable between Mansell Street and Moorgate

09:10 The Piccadilly line duty operations manager reported to the NCC a request for ambulances

09:11 The Piccadilly line duty operations manager reported loss of traction current in Russell Square, both east and westbound, and that a loud bang had been heard at Russell Square westbound, with staff already investigating

09:15 A Code Amber alert was declared, trains brought into stations and told to stay there until further notice

09:17 Metropolitan Police received a call specifically stating than an explosion had occurred at Edgware Road

09:33 London Underground announces all services suspended due to power outage

10.02 First witness reports of an explosion on a bus in central London

10.23 Police confirm an explosion on a bus in Upper Woburn Square

10.49 Reports of serious casualties but authorities refuse to confirm fatalities

11.18 Advisory is issued for all Londoners to stay put. All of London’s transport is disabled

13.07 “We condemn utterly these barbaric attacks” says Tony Blair

13.10 Signs on main routes into London advise drivers to stay away

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