FT Weekend columns of 2017

Catch up on our top commentary from Jo Ellison, Robert Shrimsley, Gillian Tett, Janan Ganesh, Simon Kuper and more

‘It seems strange that there are not more businesses devoted to the task of finding my lost Hibernian ancestors’

The humbling tale of the bankers who felt ashamed of the system’s failure

‘Foreign countries are opaque to mostly monolingual Britons and Americans. Foreigners know us much better than we know them’

Brigitte Trogneux brings a welcome revolution to the sober style of the world’s First Wives Club

The cult runs into trouble when it demotes the practical in favour of defining creativity as the highest skill

Golding’s ‘The Spire’ offers eerie parallels with Britain’s withdrawal from the EU

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The satanic hybrid of a blazer worn with jeans proves men everywhere have lost the style plot

I suffered a Tony Soprano moment when the wrong sort of frog invaded my wildlife pond

Such a team offers less a rainbow of attributes and more a toolkit of varied skills

The story of how a ‘lazy’ man won a Nobel Prize is as important as what he won it for

‘In Pyongyang, Kim Jong Un’s tailor cut me a ‘Kim’ suit: medium brown in colour with slightly flared trousers’

‘I am quietly pleased London has taken a stand because, frankly, I wasn’t going to’

The rest of the world is not always charmed by Britons’ caustic conversation

In an industry that pushes the boundaries of taste, how do we draw the line on issues of sexual impropriety?

‘The difficulty of Brexiting is part of the appeal: only a great tribe can renew itself through sacrifice’

The movie magnate is part of a culture in which we’re all complicit

‘I must confess that whenever I check on a lulling silence, it is always 20 to or 20 past the hour’

‘Jockeying among the elites did not always seem such a contemptible topic. From the 19th to mid-20th centuries, great novels turned on it’

A new prize recognises the importance of philosophical ideas