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From Prof Mark Harrison.

Sir, It is hard to see why those that have followed a university course of given cost should repay different sums for the benefit. All those that took the same course volunteered for the same risks and opportunities. They chose to study, how hard to study and what to do with the qualification they were awarded. If high earners pay a premium, then low earners get the equivalent discount.

There are obvious analogies. Having bought a car, can I ask the dealer for cash back on the grounds that I choose not to drive it very far? Will the vendor of my house give me a partial refund if I decide not to use all the rooms?

More directly, is it fair that I repay a lower proportion of my course costs on the grounds that I spent three years partying, cut many classes, got low marks and reduced my own earning capacity?

Mark Harrison,

University of Warwick,

Coventry, UK

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