Scaling the Spectre: Leo Houlding’s groundbreaking Antarctic expedition

In January 2018, the British climber completed a groundbreaking two-month polar expedition, kite-skiing across Antarctica and scaling the Spectre, one of the world’s most remote peaks. These are his dispatches from the field

Part 6: The explorer reflects on an epic polar adventure

Part 5: Leo Houlding is racing back to base camp before supplies run out

Part 4: In his latest update, Leo Houlding hurries to reach a food cache in time for the holiday

Part 3: In his latest update from his pioneering expedition, Leo Houlding tastes success but has a close call with a crevasse

Part 2: In his first dispatch from his pioneering adventure, Houlding finds his meticulous plans coming up against the harsh realities of the coldest continent

Part 1: As he sets out for the world’s most remote mountain range, the climber hopes to pioneer a new era of polar adventure