Best of Food & Drink 2017

From interviews with A-list chefs Gordon Ramsay and Ruth Rogers to what to do with your turkey leftovers this Christmas. Plus Jancis Robinson and Nicholas Lander with their picks of the year

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Sichuan turkey, fried rice and sour-and-hot soup: recipes to refresh the Christmas menu

The Michelin-starrred, F-word-fuelled chef explains why his appetite for success has never been stronger

‘There are times when a half bottle of Champagne is just the job, and what better than Bollinger’ 

‘We write the menu twice a day.’ The co-founder of the famed London restaurant tells Alexander Gilmour how it all works 

‘Could there be a shift towards the family-run restaurant? This cosy phenomenon looks to be making a comeback’

‘If this brilliant wine were made anywhere else, it would cost twice as much. What a treat’

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Boxing Day brunch is when the feasting really begins . . . with caviar eggs, truffle crêpes and champagne mimosas

‘An arabesque of a wine, very different from vintage port. Long and luscious but not excessively sweet’

‘Too sweet for burgundy but so much more interesting than the average Kiwi Pinot. Glorious’

‘Making mince pies is fun and they are almost certainly better than “shop” ’

Even today, the national dish of skint students across the land is that corner-shop staple — a tin of Heinz on a slice of Mother’s Pride

‘The end result is almost too pretty to eat but the smell is too good to resist’

A standby stock of beans, pasta and tinned tomatoes is the perfect antidote to empty-fridge syndrome

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