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Recent China-related product recalls

September 2008 Several Chinese companies recall melamine-contaminated baby milk powder after four Chinese infants died and at least 6,000 more fell ill. Read more

January 2008 US pharmaceutical company Baxter withdraws Chinese-made batches of the blood-thinning drug heparin after 81 patients died. Read more

January 2008 At least 10 Japanese became ill after eating frozen dumplings that were imported from China and found to contain pesticide. Read more

August 2007 Mattel orders the third Chinese toy recall, saying it would take back more than 800,000 units globally that contain “impermissible” levels of lead. Read more

August 2007 Australia recalls Chinese-made blankets after levels of formaldehyde up to three times the acceptable limits were found. Read more

August 2007 New Zealand orders a recall of Chinese-made children’s pyjamas after two children were burned when their flannelette nightclothes caught fire. Read more

August 2007 Mattel orders the global recall of another 18m Chinese-made toys including Barbie play sets. Read more

August 2007 Mattel recalls more than 1m Chinese-made Fisher-Price toys because their paint may contain too much lead. Read more

August 2007 Gilchrist & Soames recalls its Chinese-made toothpaste containing DEG. Read more

July 2007 Spain withdraws two toothpastes after tests reveal they contain DEG.

June 2007 RC2 recalls 1.5m Thomas the Tank Engine products because they contain lead paint.

May 2007 Two brands of Chinese toothpaste are banned in the Dominican Republic following concern that they contain diethylene glycol (DEG), chemical blamed for deaths in Panama in 2006. Read more

April 2007 About 4m children’s bracelets are recalled due to worry about lead paint.

March 2007 Menu Foods in the US recalls more than 60m containers of pet food after the deaths of a number of cats and dogs. Wheat gluten from China is identified as the potential culprit. Read more

February 2007 Hasbro recalls 1m Easy-Bake ovens made in China after reports of injuries to children.

January 2007 Some 300,000 China-made tower fans are recalled in the US after it is found that electrical arcing in the fan’s wiring can cause a fire hazard.

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