Meat recipes

Baked duck, spatchcock chicken or lamb necks with garlic? A feast of meat recipes

A dish to make people groan with pleasure and go weak at the knees

A quick but classy dish — waistcoated waiters and copper pans not included

‘Warm, sweet spicing, plenty of vegetables and good meat on the bone – this made us feel a whole lot better’

‘This mash-up of Easter traditions — rich bread and lamb — makes a magnificent centrepiece’

‘Yes, we should eat less meat. But in winter we need vittles that will stick to the ribs’

‘Plenty of texture keeps the palate interested — and keeps you going back for just one more’

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‘The taste and aroma of meat cooked on a spit will help you snatch a final piece of summer’

‘I macerate the chicken in a mix of spices and let it sizzle appetisingly on the grill’

‘The perfect summer fare in a wrap’

‘As you follow this recipe, note how all the elements work to produce a very pleasurable plate of food’

‘This lovely dish is somewhere between winter and spring, and something between a soup and a stew’

‘When it comes to steak, don’t muck about — stick to the tried and trusted’

‘Spare no expense on a good steak for this dish, and use bread with integrity, bite and flavour’

The plums make a simple roast chicken sensational