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The world might be hitting “peak car”. The long-term trends are worrying for carmakers: people are switching to trains, buses and bicycles in developed cities. So with two-thirds of the world’s population due to live in urban conurbations within the next 20 years, this trend should worry companies that depend on automobile sales.

Yet, in his latest column, John Gapper argues that it is not all over for carmakers. Ownership may be peaking but car travel is far from dead. New platforms such as Uber and ViaVan are making travelling by automobiles easier and more accessible than ever. John points out that this could mean increased traffic. And combined with a shift away from public transportation, the impact could be just as dramatic for local authorities as for car salesman.

Janan Ganesh argues that America’s allies must master the art of dealing with Donald Trump. The evidence so far suggests the US president is generally willing to negotiate, at an affordable cost.

David Pilling writes that, despite the wishes of male leaders, African women are increasingly demanding power as their right.

Najmeh Bozorgmehr says that Iranians are unwilling to risk peace in order to make political points. Many worry that their country could collapse and turn into another Syria.

Isabelle Mateos y Lago thinks that Italy’s face-off with Brussels echoes the Greek debt crisis. But a half-finished rescue package for Rome might come at too high of a price.

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Adonis has decided what is good for us: letter from Gordon Bonnyman, Frant, E Sussex, UK

Andrew Adonis ( Letters) complains that the Financial Times is appeasing the Brexiters by suggesting that “a longer Brexit transition can ease trading trouble”. He tells us that the FT should instead be calling for “a people’s vote to stop Brexit”. The FT did not, as I recall, want to see a vote for Brexit, but has accepted that this is what a majority of the British electorate voted for. Lord Adonis, on the other hand, is untroubled by a detail like democratic choice. He has, it seems, decided what is good for us, and demands that we go through the motions of voting until we get it right.

In response to “Inaction over climate change is shameful”, chemicalhaggis says:

Solutions are available. CCS, hydrogen, wind, solar, biomass, even nuclear. The transition will create millions of new jobs and huge investment opportunities. Energy will however stop being cheap.

Now Germany should stop buying gas from Russia: letter from Keith Craig, London, UK

Germany’s urging of the EU to follow its lead in suspending arms sales to Saudi Arabia following the killing of Jamal Khashoggi would be more convincing if it also halted purchases of Russian gas. Berlin’s military exports to Riyadh are tiny; its purchases from Moscow vast. A principle isn’t a principle until it costs you something.

Today’s opinion

Italy’s face-off with Brussels has echoes of the Greek debt crisis
But the eurozone should not follow the old playbook this time around

Khashoggi’s death is radioactive for Saudi Arabia’s crown prince
The killing is the latest in a string of wilful and imperious moves that have backfired

America’s allies must master the art of dealing with Donald Trump
The president’s behaviour implies he is negotiable on much, and at affordable cost

The power of example will galvanise change for African women
Many societies used to be matriarchal, giving the continent a long tradition to draw on

Iranians will not risk peace in order to make a political point
Many fear their country could turn into another Syria if the system collapses

Car ownership may peak but traffic is on the rise
City streets will have few vehicles parked on them but more objects in motion

As the Brexit fog clears, UK stocks will bounce back
We should tend to the wounds of EU withdrawal and look to the future

Polish election raises questions over prime minister’s future
Morawiecki failed to boost PiS candidates and he is distrusted by some party members

In the fight for equality, ‘gender-lens’ investing can right the scales
The industry must work together to show supporting women can bring sound returns

FT View

The FT View: The ECB should think again on ending monetary stimulus
A central bank earns credibility by being flexible in the face of change

The FT View: How to save the WTO from Washington and Beijing
Ministers meeting in Ottawa this week face a hugely difficult task

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The Big Read: Opponents fear ‘wrecking ball’ Bolsonaro poses threat to Brazilian democracy
Electorate pins faith in former army captain to offer fresh start after wave of corruption scandals

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