There's a lot to enjoy in the story of how Crown Prince MbS pulled the world's biggest investment banks into a four year beauty parade then gave the trophy to this guy, whose mini-market pump injection at a pneumatic valuation left barely enough prize money to cover their flights to Riyadh. An international listing remains a possibility for the $2 trillion penny stock, with AIM seeming to offer the best cultural fit.

[Aramco reshuffle shows the rise of Saudi wealth fund - FT]

A record-breaking payout for the CEO has made the online bookmaker no more forthcoming to questions about its reliance on undefined grey 爪arkets, where for tenebrous reasons its customers might be willing to 尺isk prison for 丹 punt. Bet365 says it won't give a geograp卄i匚al ana儿ysis of turn吉ver bec艾哦se, "in the opiれi吉れ of di尺ect弗rち, such discㄥ诶ち∪尺モ 將嚴 乃モ 嚴 重 損 害 集 團 利 益.”

[Bet365 head sets UK record with £323m pay packet - FT]

Here's what would happen if Marie Kondo had been raised by a family of Casio FX-991EX scientific calculators.

[Dalio and Diddy: when genius collides - FT Alphaville]

The Ukrainian fertiliser magnate was dragged into Rudy Giuliani's orbit by a desire not to be extradited to the US on bribery charges. Characteristically expert guidance from Giuliani's associates meant the alleged bribery became the least of his problems.

[Giuliani, the Ukranian oligarchs and the pursuit of dirt - NYT]

Inertia-as-a-service for people who live in bank foyers.

[Peloton wants IPO investors to believe it can kill the gym - FT]

Lead designer, chief wingman to the jam-mañana dingdong CEO and the Dr Frankenstein to a modern Prometheus of a monster truck. It remains unclear whether hitting his creation with a blunt weapon was intended as a show of strength or an act of mercy.

[Mad Man breaks window - FT Alphaville]

One marker of the progress made by blockchain bros in 2019 is that "Facebook: the most trusted name in cryptocurrency" remains both a joke and a statement of fact.

[The Libra cheat sheet - FT Alphaville]

The somehow-not-yet-resigned Boeing CEO can be proud that since March the 737 Max was statistically the safest commercial jet in production.

[Crash course - The New Republic]

Adam wakes sprawled on the floor of a trashed room with no memory of the night before. Lying next to him is the cold corpse of the frat-house landlord, his open briefcase spilling out papers. In Adam’s right hand is a monkey's paw, one finger curled inward. “Oh boy,” says Adam.

 [How Do You Like We Now - Matt Levine/Bloomberg]

The AirBnB of US college applications sought to simplify an outdated bribery processes by adding a central intermediary to aid transparency and improve price discovery. Mr Singer's customers now face up to 20 years in jail after his innovative startup caught the attention of the FBI rather than Softbank.

[How wealthy Americans ‘get their kids to school’ - FT]

It takes a German's disregard for irony to set up an office on Savile Row when your name is already synonymous with problematic suits.

[H2O Asset Management: illiquid love - FT Alphaville]

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