Carlos Ghosn exit

Corporate intrigue surrounds the arrest and dismissal in Japan of Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn, a legend in the carmaking industry. Full coverage of the ongoing saga, with news and analysis

Former loyalist Hari Nada played a vital role when Japanese carmaker opened its inquiry

Lawyer to Greg Kelly, ousted chairman’s aide, says there was no formal agreement on deferred pay

Action throws spotlight on future of company’s chief executive Hiroto Saikawa

Carmaker cites ‘high likelihood of evidence being removed or destroyed’

Finding a way forward without Ghosn’s steering hand will be a big test for the partnership

Japan’s transparency rules had opposite effect at Nissan

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Carmaker’s board failed to constrain the charismatic chief executive

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Carmaker’s former chairman could be re-arrested and face lengthier detention in Japan

Less has been lost than might first appear

Theories swirl around markets about detention of car boss

Statements to prosecutors by arrested ex-boss of Nissan are reported in Tokyo media

Talk abounds in grandparents’ homeland on the real reason behind car chief’s downfall

Globe-hopping executive bridged cultural divide between Renault and Japanese groups

Japanese carmaker’s board had opposed deal and was looking for ways to block it

Ousted chairman said bosses’ term should be limited to 5 years, then stayed for 2 decades

Japanese official says carmaker’s ties to Tokyo will help in ‘a Japan-France clash’

Japanese carmaker accuses long-serving executive of ‘numerous’ acts of misconduct

Denouncing former chairman Carlos Ghosn comes as shock to carmaker’s staff

Mitsubishi also wants to look at the three-way partnership, risking a split with France