A45H68 Map of the US of the Louisiana Purchase as understood in 1803, later modified by treaty. Color lithograph
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Although the Danes are reluctant to sell Greenland, a land swap might be quite reasonable. Greenland (836,000 sq miles) is only slightly larger than the Louisiana Purchase (828,000 sq miles). An exchange of the two territories could be a win for both sides. The US would increase in size and gain a hedge against global warming while Denmark would become an economic powerhouse in the EU.

Of course, as a democrat I believe there should be a referendum among those within the former Louisiana territory. Why would American citizens want to become Danes? In 2018 the US ranked eighth in per capita income while Denmark ranked ninth. On the other hand, Denmark consistently ranks among the happiest countries in the world and has a longer life expectancy. Personally, I would be quite willing to trade a slight decrease in annual income for increased happiness and a longer life expectancy. Younger voters and their parents would find the free university tuition quite appealing.

Bruce Couchman
Ottawa, ON, Canada

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