Sir, I am writing in response to Paul Ormrod’s letter (June 30) in which he writes: “The FT is indeed a global newspaper …But its coverage of domestic political developments is didactic. This was the case during the UK’s consideration of the euro and has been there in force during the Brexit debate.” Then he goes on to single out Martin Wolf’s article of the previous day for criticism.

Mr Ormrod is entitled to his opinion. Yet the FT took a very clear stance throughout the campaign, pressing Brexiters to unveil their “plan”.

Christiane Amanpour at CNN recognises this very clearly, having recalled in an interview this week that the FT constantly warned of the leap in the dark and consistently pressed the Leave camp to divulge their “post-Brexit strategy”.

Now I suppose you could call that “didactic”. Frankly, I would call that “common sense” and “integrity in journalism”. Ms Amanpour’s voice carries a great deal of weight, and she is spot on.

David Neal

Vétraz-Monthoux, France

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