Lunch with the FT: the best interviews of 2017

Who gave a giant tip? Who had 12 courses? Who admired the ‘brutality’ of Game of Thrones? Have lunch again with Ecclestone, Huppert and Mantel

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The writer discusses the Tudors and why Prince Charles would be an ‘interesting’ king

The philosophical physician and Pulitzer Prize-winning author talks about life, death, and lamb chops

One of the world’s most famous — and outspoken — millennials talks about Trump’s America and life beyond the show that made her famous

The Formula One supremo reflects on expensive divorces and his life in the fast lane

One of the world’s most powerful executives on the new challenges for social networks and the sudden death of her husband

He vowed to be rich by 40, PM by 70. Over oxheart, the fogeyish Brexiter talks about May’s mistakes and his chances of being a future PM

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Over burgers and ice cream, the girl and her mother discuss her being a pint-sized player in the geopolitical struggle over Syria

Over salmon, the attorney talks about why she’s a ‘very expensive shoulder to cry on’

Ex-Condé Nast tsar talks about royal ties and being ‘rather better’ at theology than Archbishop of Canterbury

Over cakes in Dublin, he talks about the GOP, the left, and why Trump is ‘actually quite smart’

The arthouse star on politics, people-watching and why she has ‘unlimited self-confidence’

Over turbot and cigarette breaks, the Norwegian literary sensation talks about his autobiographical epic ‘My Struggle’

She battled her mother, a country and a religion to put female sexuality on the page. Now 86, the great Irish writer warns: ‘For all my affability, I am also cold’

Over sea bass in New York, the writer and activist discusses the president, protests and why black artists lose out

After a sporting career marked by genius and lunacy, does ‘The King’ have any regrets?

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