Uneasy Europe

In France Emmanuel Macron’s popularity plunges, in Hungary Viktor Orban provokes anger with his ‘slavery law’ and Italy blames Brussels for its woes. Meanwhile, the ECB ends QE even as the eurozone economy slows. Here’s the best of this week’s opinion and analysis

Divisions across the continent mean odds are stacked against the French president’s reforms

The ECB has a record of optimistic forecasts but the economy could tank

Matteo Salvini has transformed the League into a major political force and shifted Italian attitudes to Europe

‘Slavery law’ stirs new level of anger and even unity among usually disparate groups

The once unthinkable ‘twilight of the Merkel’ has been gathering for some time

The longer this goes on, the more damaging it is to Britain, its reputation and the Tory party

Letter from Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky, Ambassador of Hungary to the UK

Letter from András Stefanovszky, Budapest, Hungary