My kitchen essentials: I’d be lost without…

Chefs and restaurateurs reveal their most prized culinary aids, from truffle oil to the tawashi brush

For chef Masha Rener, this pasta provides a perfect accompaniment for any sauce as well as being therapeutic to make

Versatile and delicious, beer can enhance most things, from pies and stews to sauces and ice cream

Full of hidden mystery, this is one of the most desirable of all vegetables, writes chef Margot Henderson

From simple suppers to Michelin-starred meals, chef Daniel Fletcher praises the hardest-working utensil in the kitchen

After years of searching for the perfect blade, Nathan Outlaw has found a bespoke, precision instrument that is a thing of beauty

Cooking with flour brings back childhood memories of family feasts for Italian chef Lello Favuzzi

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This moreish ingredient has a storied past and, for chef Selin Kiazim, evokes memories of childhood summers in northern Cyprus

When fresh, they can lack depth. When powdered, they can be unpredictable. Better, says Asma Khan, to work with the delicate spicing of chillies picked at their peak

The family farm not only provides produce for Bryn Williams’s restaurants but also gives him a greater awareness of the work that goes into each ingredient

‘It’s the most important kitchen item I own,’ says chef Theo Randall of the reliable little machine that has travelled the world with him

Focus and precision are essential for a delicious brew but a beautiful pot makes the ritual exquisite

This Japanese blade makes light work of everything from chopping herbs to carving hunks of meat

From fresh turbot to home-made gnocchi, smoking adds a delicate and distinctive flavour

The Japanese scrubbing tool is ideal for cleaning vegetables and pans

This wooden Mexican whisk dates back to Aztec times — and is the secret to making hot chocolate fit for Moctezuma

Tim Hayward on how six Naafi spoons represent the point in his life when he completely changed as a cook

Chef Shaun Rankin on the ‘liquid gold’ that can transform the most basic ingredients into a magical meal

They are deeply embedded in Japanese life, not just for cuisine but in rituals of birth, marriage and death, writes Kimiko Barber

Karan Gokani salutes this multi-talented seed

Chef Nieves Barragán argues it’s impossible to cook without this versatile ingredient

‘Cooking on fire is an exciting way to prepare food — but you need the right tool to do it’

Magic happens inside the mortar, says Vivek Singh, who’s used his to crush spices for more than one million meals

‘I am a complete perfectionist, so the pincers become an extension of my hand,’ says the multi-garlanded Anne-Sophie Pic

Chef Santosh Shah on why the flavour from using a clay oven ‘simply can’t be beaten’

It’s a vital part of any kitchen but seasoning with it is not as easy as you might think

Chef Sat Bains on how this crucial tool helps to visualise dishes, many of which end up on his restaurant menu

Chef Hus Vedat argues that fire should be regarded as an ingredient in its own right

It’s similar to Greek yoghurt, but fat free. I use it in everything from dressings and desserts to sauces and smoothies, writes Aggi Sverisson

Hollandaise sauce to whisky sour: Andy Taylor on the versatility of this key ingredient

A slug of this liquid gold makes just about any dish more delicious, writes Sophie Michell

As soon as he saw the Mexican Elbow in action, Henry Harris knew it was just what he needed in the kitchen

In the first of a new series, chef Rowley Leigh explains why this tool, more than any other, is an indispensable item wherever he cooks