Novels to read now

Which are this season’s best books?

A debut novel about a girl who falls for a merman blazes with vibrancy

A woman’s dilemma over whether to have children or to pursue artistic freedom is the crux of this probing new novel

A mystery tale in which a mother is set on discovering the truth about her errant daughter

An autobiographical tale of an Iranian family’s exile to France is woven into multi-sensory reminiscences of life before the revolution

Two abandoned teenagers are introduced to a seamy side of war-struck London in Ondaatje’s powerfully sad new novel

A daring collection of short stories with an aura of cool and featuring dislocated characters

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From Syria to Ireland, the fate of three characters collides with mixed results

Short stories in which dark forces shape the destinies of characters in flux

A hard-boiled detective pursues a killer while employed by some of the worst mass murderers in history — his own Nazi bosses

A collection of short stories in which our longings and regrets are all too recognisable

A moving and involving story about a Las Vegas showgirl attempting to conquer past demons

The villain is an all-too-real figure who wielded terrifying power during the presidency of Alberto Fujimori in Peru

Humanity’s encroachment on nature is explored in a work that draws on the literary greats

The finale of Cusk’s experiment in ‘auto-fiction’ builds to a sparkling crescendo

An entertaining debut encompasses divorce, deferred adulthood and badgers