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From China to Syria to the eurozone, 2015 has been a turbulent and dramatic year. Here is a selection of the FT’s best journalism, handpicked by our editors.

Ben Hall, world news editor, picks:

Isis Inc: how oil fuels jihadi terrorists by Erika Solomon, Guy Chazan and Sam Jones
Why China’s ‘migrant miracle’ is ending by Gabriel Wildau
The Greek PM’s warning to Angela Merkel: FT exclusive by Peter Spiegel
• In case you missed it (ICYMI): The sea women of South Korea by Simon Mundy

Michael Stott, UK news editor, picks:

Mark Carney: his report card so far by Chris Giles and Caroline Binham
This Disunited Kingdom by Chris Giles and Sarah O'Connor
Austerity: see how you’re affected, with the FT “cuts checker”
• ICYMI: Why the Queen beats any politician by Matthew Engel

Frederick Studemann, comment editor, picks:

A refugee crisis Europe can’t escape by Martin Wolf
The sharing economy is now Wall Street’s playground by Gillian Tett
Jeremy Corbyn rose because the stakes are low by Janan Ganesh
• ICYMI: Einstein’s genius shakes the cosmic jelly by Anjana Ahuja

Brooke Masters, companies editor, picks:

Did VW culture cause the scandal? by Richard Milne
Banking’s jobs abyss by FT reporters
Democratising finance: how tech improves access by Patrick Jenkins and Tom Braithwaite
ICYMI: The brew prince by John Paul Rathbone and Andres Schipani

Christopher Grimes, analysis editor, picks:

China's great game by Charles Clover and Lucy Hornby
• The big drop: Riyadh’s oil gamble by Anjli Raval
Paris attacks: Notes from a wounded city by Simon Kuper
• ICYMI: The fresh food revolution by Gary Silverman

Michael MacKenzie, markets editor, picks:

When interest rates rise: a one-stop guide to what happens next
QE with Chinese characteristics by Gabriel Wildau
The rise of the index: an essential series for investors and markets
• ICYMI: Why traders flock to S&P 500 by Nicole Bullock and Eric Platt

Lucy Tuck, life and arts editor, picks:

Germany and Greece: a twisted love affair by Peter Aspden
Richard Desmond has lunch with the FT by Henry Mance
“Beatific and slightly nasty”: Lucy Kellaway meets Jonathan Franzen
• ICYMI: The twilight world of “zombie art” by John Sunyer

Seb Morton-Clark, acting global head, FT Video, picks:

• Big Game, Big Money: Inside the illegal wildlife trade
• Migrant crisis: Dying to reach Europe 
• Lucy Kellaway's Office Space: Lego’s new London HQ
• ICYMI: China and the illegal rosewood carve-up

Christine Spolar, investigations editor, picks:

Hanergy: a strange trading story by Miles Johnson and Gavin Jackson
Cyber insecurity: vital US agencies at risk by Kara Scannell and Gina Chon
North Korea: The secrets of Office 39 by Tom Burgis
• ICYMI: Standard Chartered: the Iranian link by FT reporters

Richard Waters, US West Coast editor, picks:

Unicorns: the end of start-ups-on-steroids by Leslie Hook
Going dark: encryption and terror by Hannah Kuchler and Richard Waters
Uber takes on Europe by FT reporters
• ICYMI: Wearables at Work: the new surveillance by Sarah O'Connor and Robin Kwong

Adam Jones, Business Life editor, picks:

The classic “I Quit” note by Lucy Kellaway
The hard-nosed kings of beer by Andrew Hill and Scheherazade Daneshkhu
The other Square Mile — the City at work: photostory by Charlie Bibby and Emma Jacobs
• ICYMI: How smart are smart cups? 

Claer Barrett, personal finance editor, picks:

Volatile markets: Questions every investor needs to ask
Are you ready for a rate rise? by Lucy Warwick-Ching
Who has their eye on your pension? by Josephine Cumbo
• ICYMI: Why we have to kill the tooth fairy by Claer Barrett

Clive Cookson, science editor, picks:

• Meet Anne Wojcicki, queen of home DNA testing by Andrew Ward
Brain power: fresh hope for an Alzheimer’s cure by Andrew Ward and David Crow
Pluto and Charon: Nasa’s first detailed images by Clive Cookson
• ICYMI: Twelve ways the world could end by Clive Cookson

Jane Owen, House and Home editor, picks:

Tang v Kellaway's interior design battle by Lucy Kellaway and David Tang
Happy cities are boring by John Kay
• The world's riskiest, and potentially most profitable, property buys by Gideon Rachman
• ICYMI: Robert Kime's pleasure domes of interior design by Ben Pentreath

Pilita Clark, environment correspondent, picks:

China's big soil pollution clean-up by Lucy Hornby
Carbon capture: miracle machine or white elephant? by Pilita Clark
Oil crash: how it changed the world by Ed Crooks
• ICYMI: Ganges — holy deadly river by Victor Mallet

Alec Russell, head of news, picks:

Lunch with Sepp Blatter by Malcolm Moore
Inside Atlético Madrid: can the club go global? by Simon Kuper
Novak Djokovic invites Peter Aspden aboard his private jet
• ICYMI: Michelle Payne: Jamie Smyth meets the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup

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