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For the past year a group of MBA students at business schools worldwide, has been blogging about their experiences for the Financial Times. From arriving in a foreign land and knowing nobody, to working together in a team with complete strangers, who in time become close friends, the students have written candidly about what it means to study for an MBA.

In MBA programmes generally women students tend to be in the minority, but as the blogs from our female students reveal although they may be fewer in number, nevertheless they are just as enthusiastic about their MBA journey.

Brigitte Roediger, who is studying for a part time MBA at the University of Stellenbosch Business School in South Africa, is one of six female students on her programme. In her most recent blog she asked these women why they are studying for an MBA and what they hope to achieve. The consensus seems to be that an MBA helps to create a “level playing field” and after that it is every (wo) man for him and herself.

Andrea Nowack is also eager to make the most of her MBA at George Washington University. Her blog, An interview with a T-shirt wearing entrepreneur details one of her professor’s encounters with the entrepreneur Steve Jobs. In her blog Andrea looks at what it takes to become an entrepreneur and the lessons she has learned from a young entrepreneur who turned his T-shirt enterprise into a $500,000 business.

In the class of MBA bloggers of 2010, Lidija Pehak Kolenko’s entries from her year at Essec Business School in France also stand out. Her blog A further exploration of luxury brands particularly because she underlines the importance of having a mentor. “These people are an incredible resource with a wealth of experience and numerous useful tips to help us to understand career prospects and opportunities within the luxury goods sector better.

The newest female blogger on the site Aurélie Metcheka is just beginning her MBA at Essec, and a two-day leadership workshop in northern France has already given her insights into the qualities necessary to make a good leader. As her programme continues it will be interesting to see how she applies these insights in the classroom. The coming year promises to be an exciting one for the class of 2012.

If you wish to become an MBA blogger in 2012 please email Linda.Anderson@ft.com

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