Autumn feast — a Food & Drink special

As the nights draw in, drink pink champagne with Jancis Robinson, cook rabbit with Honey Co and delight in jam with Bee Wilson. Plus: the great René Redzepi’s mission to change the world and a game-changing approach to farming deer

The Noma chef on changing the world, innovating relentlessly and learning to stop being angry

Bee Wilson on a new generation of jam-makers producing ever-lovelier flavours

Look kindly on broths and simple greens, says Fuchsia Dunlop – and don’t order more than one sweet-and-sour dish

Stalking has long seemed an exercise in posh machismo. Tim Hayward investigates a new approach

From slow-cooked rabbit to a zingy pear cocktail, there’s plenty to savour as the nights draw in

How rosé became respectable

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