Murder on the Orient Express
By Agatha Christie, adapted by Francois Riviere and Solidor
Harper £9.99, 46 pages
FT bookshop price: £7.99

The past 10 years has seen a surge in comic books old and new. The latest in the growing trend of reworking classic fiction takes on the books of Agatha Christie.

In Murder on the Orient Express, the original text is vastly abridged to form this entertaining graphic version. Illustrator Solidor has resisted the temptation to make his Poirot a mere replica of David Suchet – though our detective hero still twiddles his moustache as he ponders the mystery. The prose loses much of the original’s nuance and sharpness, but keeps signature phrases, such as Poirot’s use of “little grey cells”.

This new series is fun, well presented and sure to win new fans to Christie’s classic works.

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