Shifting borders for business

As Uber prepares to take electric taxis into the skies, the traditional book trade fights off Amazon and Big Tech reshapes competition, companies have to be nimbler and more adaptable than ever. Here’s the best of this week’s opinion and analysis.

Chinese telecom groups have been challenged to take on Google’s dominance

Despite being hit hard by the rise of ecommerce, the book trade believes it has found ways to thrive 

Electric aircraft have better uses than carrying small groups of passengers across cities

Competition, not intervention, is often the best way to tackle potential monopolies

A debate has erupted in central bank circles about how to respond

As he bids to lead Taiwan, Terry Gou must respond to challenges such as the US-China trade war and a shift to niche products

Industrial policy has long been a dirty word in the US, but it was not always so

Mohammed bin Salman’s plan was predicated on co-opting the private sector, but the project has made life difficult