Best of Lunch with the FT 2018

Who got stoned at Trump Tower? Who wants to buy Arsenal? Who was running a $125bn blockchain at 24? Have lunch again with Harrelson, Dangote and Buterin . . .

The grand consigliere of American diplomacy talks about Putin, the new world order — and the meaning of Trump

Andria Zafirakou on difficult kids, swearing in the classroom — and how she’s planning to spend her $1m prize

The controversial psychologist on gender roles, his ‘multimedia empire’ and the problem with identity politics

Travel has fuelled her outsized life. At 91, she reflects on the meaning of adventure

The activist on the art of dissent, making movies with Madonna and winning over her biggest detractor

The coder on the highs and lows of being at the helm of one of the most successful cryptocurrencies

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