Scott, the webinar organiser

. . . Anyway, under the circumstances, I think this panel is the best of a bad job. Oh — there they are! Hello, Nigel. Greetings, Sonia. I was just bantering with Petra from our webinar content team.

Thanks for joining this third technical prep session for your panel at Digiruption 6.0 — “Prescience, Turbulence, Impatience (in Uncertain Times)”.

We emailed you both the 10-page “How To” manual, so you know we’re using our own state of the art video platform. You’ll see a dashboard with 12 windows. During the show, you’ll get pop-ups of audience questions, rolling poll results, plus guidance from the tech team in Irkutsk. Their English is a bit ropey so they’ll message you in emojis. If your broadband cuts out, toggle to Option 3 on the drop-down and hold down the Alt key — that should restore audio.

Rest assured I’ll be changing my backdrop. I’ll move The Complete Tintin and replace it with Zuboff and Piketty, which I’m using to prop up my laptop. I can’t do much about the camera angle. I’m a bit short of space. But I will trim my nose-hair, as suggested on the last call.

We’ve got 40 minutes, so after my 20-minute introduction and slides, that leaves five minutes each, six minutes for Q&A and a couple of minutes for me to sum up.

Sonia — thanks for joining us. I realise 4am in Palo Alto is a punishing start-time, but as diversity pioneers, in these troubled times we wanted a “rainbow panel” and you’re not just black — can I say that? — you’re a woman, too! It was like buy-one-get-one-free! No, we’re not actually paying you. Yes, I’m aware you co-founded four successful companies, but I’m going to give the lead to Nigel to talk about the technology — I think he has the authority, after all — and let you fill in the softer stuff about minorities, if there’s time.

Is that OK? I think you’re muted, but moving on . . . 

Cressida, the superwoman

Hi! Welcome to my first Instagram cook-along. I’ll answer questions as I go. Keep posting!

To newbies, I’m Cressida, author of She Sweet. Business chiefs found my message of sleek tailoring self-empowerment a breath of fresh air after all the whining over systemic sexism. My day job is running Paymee, the fintech company I started 15 years ago. Here’s a question. No, nothing like Wirecard. I was wearing black polo necks long before Markus Braun and, indeed, Elizabeth Holmes.

Not to neglect the most difficult job of all: I’m a mother of six.

At the start of lockdown, I set myself the challenge of cooking a new dish every day and posting the results on Insta. One advantage of not travelling is free time. I’d go stir crazy — excuse the pun — if I didn’t push myself. Tonight I’ll cook something tasty and wholesome. I hope you’ll join in.

Oh, another question, from Bob who describes himself as a Paymee worker. “Do all employees have to watch this?” Bob, this is fun not mandatory! However, please post your results on the company intranet.

As I was saying, it’s stressful being a working mum during lockdown. Think you have it tough? I have to organise the duties of two nannies and a rotation of tutors on top of everything else. But if I can make one mum’s day easier then it will be worthwhile.

Another question! Yes, we are at our second home. Not strictly within the rules but we made the move on health grounds. The kids need to run around — our London garden is only half an acre which is pretty tight with six kids. Anyway, we’re relatively young and healthy, hardly likely to get ill. I’m looking forward to advising government on risk — they’ve become hysterical! The UK needs more entrepreneurial expertise like mine.

I’m making pizza with a polenta twist. It’s important to support local business so I’ve used mushrooms ordered via a rather wonderful Italian shop very close to our house in Tuscany.

. . . God, what’s going on? The kids are flooding my video with their messages. It is absolutely not true that I got a chef to make these . . . Bella! Celia! Come down here now!

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