Dessert recipes

From cookies to upside-down caramel pear cake, here are some of our most popular desserts

When the heat’s on, this concoction of roasted peaches, snowy ice shavings and rose syrup is an icy enticement

A dessert inspired by the legend of a protofeminist Egyptian slave girl

Here’s a foolproof dessert for people who don’t bake

‘It’s as wholesome as a cake could be, but as indulgent as a cake should be’

‘A good doughnut should leave you with stains on your shirt and sticky fingers’

‘The juicy plum pieces baked inside and the pomegranate seeds on top are a sweet-and-sour surprise’

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The dish is both a robust winter warmer but also delicate in flavour

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‘You can easily imagine yourself under vast Argentine skies on a warm night’