The AI arms race

The growing competition between the US and China in deep-tech fields such as artificial intelligence and machine learning will have an impact on the contest for military superiority, the international trading system and the ruling Chinese Communist party

The US is trying to prevent the transfer of AI-powered dual-use technologies that can be adapted for weapons

By making new technology a priority, Beijing is placing a large bet on a small group of private sector companies

Western governments have a new nightmare coming from China, which has decreed that new private sector technologies, such as robotics and AI, must be shared with the military

America’s anxiety about Chinese technological prowess is reflected in Washington where politicians are rethinking their attitudes to foreign investment

Beijing plans to be the world leader in the technology by 2030. The contest will come down to who can better manipulate the data

Access to vast amounts of data may prove to be China’s secret weapon. Louise Lucas and Richard Waters report on the contest for supremacy in one of this century’s most important technologies

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