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A hazard of going out with a singer-songwriter is finding yourself being minutely dissected in the inevitable break-up album when the relationship collapses.

Such is the fate of Alela Diane’s ex-husband on About Farewell, depicted as a philanderer with “eyes of stone” and a self destructive streak (“Honey, there is nothing I can do/To save you from yourself”). Stark acoustic melodies give the words a grave force; meanwhile Diane’s tone is more in sorrow than in anger. “Oh, the mess I’ve made,” the Californian sighs on “Rose & Thorn” in which she obliquely addresses her own role in the breakdown (“I’ve been keeping secrets for the first time in my life”).

Like the better break-up albums, About Farewell is indiscriminate about whose blood it draws.

Alela Diane

About Farewell

(Rusted Blue Records)

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