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French business school Essec, based just outside Paris, is opening up its bachelor degree for those who want to study the whole programme in English. The first cohort for this international track will start in September 2013 and the school is expecting between 20 and 30 English speakers to enrol in the first year.

In the UK, the rise in student undergraduate fees to £9,000 a year has meant that prospective students are increasingly investigating overseas study options. The Essec degree may also prove popular with those international students who want to study in English but have been put off applying to UK business programmes because of concerns about student and work visa restrictions.

French business schools have led the way in continental Europe in teaching postgraduate programmes in English, but this has ben less common at undergraduate level.

The Essec undergraduate programme is four years in length, and includes a minimum of two study trips overseas - one of which is likely to be on Essec’s Singapore campus. The programme also includes a paid internship, which will help offset the €10,000 a year fees. Some students may also be eligible for sponsored apprenticeships.


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