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Sean Largotta, 42, is founder of Crown Group Hospitality, which owns the Red House restaurant in Chelsea, London, and Bill’s Food & Drink in Manhattan. He was previously a bond trader for Lehman Brothers.

Suit by Sartoria, Borrello R Nocito

This is a custom-made, grey herringbone, single-breasted suit. I have meetings in the daytime and at nighttime and some of our spots are fine dining so it’s more appropriate for me to be in a suit. I am broader up top and narrow in the waist, and instead of spending hours going back and forth, it’s actually easier to have a suit made from scratch.

2 via Nino Bixio, 20129 Milan Tel: +39 02 29 52 12 76

Shirt by Sartoria, Borrello R Nocito

It’s about comfort for me. This shirt has releases on the side for the buttons, so it’s not as tight as some.

Tie by Tom Ford

It’s a tradition that Meg Sharpe, who designs all of our restaurants, gets me a tie when we open a new one and she has a fondness for Tom Ford. She gave me this one for the opening of Bill’s Food & Drink. When I go to the restaurant, it’s about fitting in with the clientele. We also make sure all of our general managers wear suits and ties.

Pocket square by Andrew’s Ties

I never walk around without a pocket square. Today, I have it folded with four folds, which gives it a layered look. I picked up the tradition in Italy. I have a black-and-white photo of my grandfather in one of my restaurants and in it he is wearing a pocket square with a fat knot. Any time I see a suit without one, it doesn’t look finished to me.

Cufflinks from Christophe Lemaire

I got these in Le Marais in Paris. They are circular, white gold and with a black and grey chequered centre. I do a lot of the shopping for the restaurants in London’s Portobello Road and this area of Paris.

Watch by Panerai

This is classic but masculine, and is a bit different from a Cartier or Rolex, both of which I’ve received as gifts from my parents. I can wear it with a T-shirt, on my motorcycle or to a business meeting.

Belt by Montblanc

This is a plain, boring belt. The strap is brown, to match my shoes, and the buckle is silver. It’s consistent and conservative. This is my first choice when I travel because it’s better than having to bring five or six belts.

Shoes by Church’s

I bought these chocolate brown wingtips last year in London – I’ve always worn Church’s or Ferragamo. They are comfortable enough to wear for 10 or 12 hours.









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