Buhler Sortex



Employees: 193

Managing director: Hamid Kefayati

Ultimate Parent: Buhler, Switzerland

Buhler Sortex, a Swiss subsidiary, has been trading in the UK since 1947. It manufactures machinery (high speed optical sorters) which detect and remove diseased and off-colour produce and foreign material from post-harvest crops including rice, wheat, treenuts, pulses and recycled plastic. The company exports practically its entire output to 80 countries worldwide, the main export areas being Asia Pacific including the Indian sub-continent, Europe, Turkey, Russia, the Americas and China. Its overseas earnings have increased by £27m over 3 years. The company’s relocation (following the Olympics development) to a new purpose-built factory in Newham has enabled it to introduce leaner manufacturing techniques and compete better with its low cost Chinese and Korean competitors and to introduce a cheaper variant for simple rice-sorting.

Centre for Advanced Studies t/a City of London College



Employees: 98

Centre for Advanced Studies t/a City of London College, established in 1979, provides UK-based courses and qualifications focused on the needs of international students. It wins the Award for the first time for its outstanding achievement in doubling its overseas income over three years, which totalled £10m in that period. A well designed marketing strategy includes partnerships with a range of UK universities and institutions, a network of overseas regional offices supported by regular participation at British Council and other promotional events. Students come from a wide spread of countries with Sri Lanka the current leading source.

Chameleon Communications International



Employees: 106

President: Angela Franklin

Chameleon Communications International, established in 1997, provides highly scientific medical education and marketing communication programmes to leading global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. These activities bring relevant scientific and clinical information on its clients’ new medicines to the attention of leading medical experts around the World to help change the way medicine is practised. The company wins the Award for the first time for its outstanding achievement in almost doubling its overseas income over three years to a total of £24 million in that period. They have achieved this success through its commitment to ethical and scientific standards, highly trained and qualified staff and the delivery of quality work from its offices in London, Manchester, Basel and New York.

CWC Group



Employees: 84

Chief executive officer: M. Burden

CWC Group, established in 1997, specializes in the energy & infrastructure markets, developing knowledge, creating investment opportunities and strategic solutions for governments and industry by offering of professional training, strategic conferences and trade exhibitions. The company has a global focus, with over 90% of its clients being from overseas. Their specific focus on the emerging markets and oil and gas industry has allowed the company to grow internationally by over 80% over the last 3 years




Employees: 67

Managing director: J. Gordon

DiGiCo UK manufactures digital audio mixing consoles for use in live to air broadcasts, post production, live concert sound, houses of worship, theatrical sound and composite sound installations. It started trading in 2002 and is winning the Award for the first time for almost doubling its overseas earnings and selling nearly all of its production abroad. In part, its marketing is aimed at educating and guiding its customers to speed up the change to digital equipment. It also deploys a good range of other marketing activities, resulting in an outstanding performance. It has achieved export earnings of over £35 million over three years and has created nine more jobs

Fine and Rare Wines


Employees: 36

Fine and Rare Wines Ltd started business in 1994. It supplies fine and rare wines, the majority of which comes from Bordeaux (85%) and Burgundy (10%), and provides the largest online range - including customers’ private wine collections for re-sale - anywhere in the world. This vintner’s highly effective marketing strategy includes hosting dinners and wine-tasting abroad for potential clients with the participation of both sales staff and winemakers. It has achieved exceptional growth in the Far East. Over 3 years the company has exported over £7m of mainly French wine worldwide. Its main markets are in China (including Hong Kong), Macao, USA and Switzerland. It has developed new markets in Brazil and India.

Genuine Solutions



Employees: 72

Genuine Solutions supplies a range of mobile phone accessories including batteries, chargers, car kits, personal handsfree kits, headsets, memory cards, cases and parts. Over 3 years the company’s export earnings have nearly trebled from its markets in 30 countries worldwide and about two-thirds of its earnings now come from overseas. Its top 5 markets are in Hong Kong, Germany, Spain, Poland and the Irish Republic, and it has developed new markets in Australia, Denmark and Slovakia. The company’s export success is based on excellent, flexible marketing. It offers not only 4000 product lines in various grades but also reliable end-of-life products for markets where technologies are behind the UK’s.

High-Point Rendel



Employees: 146

Chief executive: K. Hingley

High-Point Rendel provides a range of commercial, contractual, technical and management consultancy services to clients involved in major engineering and construction projects around the world. The firm wins the International Trade Award for its outstanding achievement in growing overseas sales by 134 per cent over six years to an aggregate of £70m during that period. Serving some 56 markets, their global portfolio includes many prestigious transport infrastructure and power generation projects. A focused strategy, led by the company’s senior directors, is based on maintaining high-level, long-term relationships, engaging with clients’ senior executives to identify mission-critical activities on projects. By working together to deliver on this strategy, the company continues to be the ‘consultant of choice’ for its clients in addressing collective issues, resolving risk-related project challenges and delivering optimum results.

Hyder Consulting



Employees: 1,346

Chief Executive: I. Catto

Hyder Consulting, established in 1857, provides engineering consultancy services for the property, transport, utilities and environmental sectors. It wins the Award for the second time for its outstanding achievement in growing its overseas income by 69 per cent over three years, which totalled a massive £565m in that period. This success was significantly better than that achieved in the previous Award winning year of 2008. With its 154 year history of operating overseas, the company has a highly successful marketing strategy, serving a wide range of countries mainly in Europe, Asia and Australia





Icap has been trading since 1986. It is the largest voice and electronic interdealer broker and provider of post trade risk information services. Its marketing strategy is innovative and thorough and focuses on expanding its services through leading edge technology. Their businesses are distributed across more than 70 locations in 32 countries worldwide with a strong presence in all major financial centres in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas and Asia Pacific. Their largest overseas offices are in USA and Brazil. In 2010 the top 5 overseas market areas were USA, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong and Germany. The company’s export earnings over 6 years have increased by £552m.

Mangajo UK

Hayes, Middlesex


Employees: 6

Managing director: A. Hannon

Mangajo UK manufactures “ready to drink” premium green tea and redbush tea based soft drinks. It started trading in 2001, and is winning the Award for the first time for its outstanding achievement in more than doubling its overseas earnings and selling half of its production overseas. Its products are marketed as a healthy alternative to mainstream fizzy drinks. It has made sales to more than 20 countries in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and its products can be found in supermarkets as far apart as Poland, Russia and Canada, and in hotels in Singapore, Canada and Hong Kong.

Middlesex University Higher Education Corporation



Employees: 1,936

Vice-chancellor: Michael Driscoll

Middlesex University Higher Education Corporation, established as a charity in 1993, provides English language training and higher education for non-UK students in UK or abroad. It wins the Award for the second time for its outstanding achievement in growing its overseas income by £10m over three years to a total of over £106m in that period. A well focused marketing strategy is based on a combination of UK based facilities, franchising other non-UK institutions and 19 offices in the main overseas markets. The main source of overseas students is from Asia.

Smart Voucher t/a Ukash



Employees: 40

Chief executive: David Hunter

Ukash, the trading name of Smart Voucher, which was established in 2001, provides electronic money services which enable consumers to exchange their cash for a voucher at thousands of physical locations. This voucher can then be used for online purchases from a vast range of vendors at webshops and mobile merchants, plus to remit money online. It wins the Award for its outstanding achievement in growing overseas income by 380% in three years to a total of nearly £11m in that period. A well-developed marketing strategy is implemented via partner relationships including Skype, Neteller and PlaySpan, ,supported by a 24/7 contact centre. Strong emphasis is placed on linguistic skills, regular visits and product development in a range of languages. A wide range of over 50 countries with some 420,000 issuing points (where vouchers can be obtained) and some 5,500 brands currently accept Ukash vouchers.

Sun Mark

Greenford, Middlesex

Employees: 60

Managing director: R. S. Ranger MBE

Sun Mark has been trading since 1995 and supplies a wide range of food, drink and toiletries under its own brand names as well as many made by famous multi-national companies. The company won the Award in both 2009 and 2010, so this is its third consecutive Award - a very rare occurrence. Since its Award last year the company’s export earnings have increased by a further 42 per cent and nearly 90 per cent of its earnings come from overseas. It now exports to 92 countries worldwide and new markets developed since last year include China, Australia and New Zealand.

Trustees of the London Clinic



Employees: 854

Chief executive: M. Miller

Established in 1932, The London Clinic is one of the UK’s largest independent hospitals. Operating as a charity, free from the demands of shareholders, they are committed to reinvesting their financial surplus to continually improve patient care. This allows them to offer increasingly complex procedures such as organ transplants, radiosurgery, radiotherapy, robotic surgery and neurosurgery. The Clinic has been granted this award for the first time for increasing overseas income by over £9 million over three years. This outstanding achievement is based on a successful wide ranging marketing strategy and heavy investment in medical, diagnostic and surgical equipment and hospital facilities. This includes a new £90 million cancer centre housing the latest radiotherapy and radiosurgical technology, including the CyberKnife Radiosurgery System and Trilogy system with RapdArc.

United Corporation


Employees: 15

Managing Director: K. Fatehi

United Corporation has been trading since 1995. This is its second Queen’s Award. It won its first Award in 2007 with 6 employees for the export of spare parts and equipment for the oil and gas industries. It now has 15 employees and exports, additionally, machinery and capital equipment, instrumentation products, books and publications for training purposes, electrical parts, protective clothing and fire and safety products; and related services. Over the past 3 years the company has more than trebled its overseas earnings from its main export markets in the Middle East.


BBC Research & Development


Employees: 167

Controller, BBC R&D: M. Postgate

An Innovation Award is made jointly to BBC Research and Development and Red Bee Media (Piero Division) for the development of a tool to analyse sporting activity which is broadcast on television. The analysis, familiar to viewers of the programme ‘Match of the Day’, can track play, highlight players and generate virtual views of action from almost any position, including where it would be impossible to place real cameras. Recent developments include modification to accommodate high-definition television and incorporation of a touch-screen interface, enabling operation by presenters whilst live on-air. In addition to enhancing viewer experience, the tool reduces the number of cameras required to cover sporting events and therefore improves cost-effectiveness.





Director: D. Maldoom

For developing software supporting the design and implementation of auctions of public resources, DotEcon Ltd wins an Innovation Award. The software enables a range of auction formats to be run securely over the internet and auction rules to be optimised for particular applications. New auction formats for combining multiple lots were developed to the benefit of bidders and sellers. To conduct such auctions, complex algorithms for searching large numbers of outcomes were incorporated. Features to prevent collusion between bidders and provide equality between established providers and new entrants were included. Originally used by government agencies to auction radio spectra, the product extends to an increasing range of situations, so the company has achieved a leading global position.

Red Bee Media (Piero Division)



Employees: 12

An Innovation Award is made jointly to Red Bee Media Limited (Piero Division) and BBC Research and Development for the development of a tool to analyse sporting activity which is broadcast on television. The analysis, familiar to viewers of the programme ‘Match of the Day’, can track play, highlight players and generate virtual views of action from almost any position, including where it would be impossible to place real cameras. Recent developments include modification to accommodate high-definition television and incorporation of a touch-screen interface, enabling operation by presenters whilst live on-air. In addition to enhancing viewer experience, the tool reduces the number of cameras required to cover sporting events and therefore improves cost-effectiveness.

Solarcentury Holdings



Employees: 122

An Innovation Award is made to Solarcentury Holdings for developing photo-voltaic solar roof-tiles and slates. They are designed to integrate with standard construction arrangements, avoiding the need to adapt building processes or trade items. Incorporating patented technology and registered designs, the range of products, of various sizes, is compatible with roof-tiles and slates from many suppliers, enabling solar panels to be fitted flush with any roof line on standard battens. Installation does not require specialist tools or new trade skills. The cost-effective products make solar energy accessible to building with refurbished, as well as newly-built, roofs. They have been commercially successful.

The National Archives



Employees: 500

Chief executive: Oliver Morley

Ultimate Parent: The Ministry of Justice

An Innovation Award is made jointly to The National Archives and Tessella for developing Safety Deposit Box, a system for preserving digital information. It is used by libraries and archive organisations around the world, as well as other organisations for which the long-term survival of digital information is important in meeting legal or regulatory requirements. The system was developed with reference to a previously theoretical model enshrined in an international standard. A key feature, incorporated in the innovation, is the verification of data migrations, ensuring that records retain meaning independent of changes in technology or file structures.


Professor Robert Blackburn

Director of the Small Business Research Centre, Kingston University, Kingston upon Thames, London

Professor Robert Blackburn has spent 25 years developing an understanding of entrepreneurship and enterprise promotion, founded on research and an evidence base. He is one of the world’s most respected academics in this field having produced research results and publications on many aspects of small business and entrepreneurship.

Professor Blackburn has contributed to the promotion of entrepreneurship through a range of advisory and voluntary activities. This has involved voluntary working with Young Enterprise in London & the South East over many years as an advisor and judge; working with PRIME on raising awareness of 50+ year olds in business; as a judge for HSBC Start-up stars; and advisor on numerous enterprise promotion competitions for entrepreneurs. He has also given speeches and undertaken media engagements on various aspects of entrepreneurship and running small firms.

Victoria Lennox

Founder and Chair of Board of Trustees, National Consortium of University Entrepreneurs, London

From her Presidency of the Oxford Entrepreneurs, Europe’s largest student-led enterprise club with 6700 members, to her leading role in founding, launching and leading the National Consortium of University Entrepreneurs (NACUE), Victoria Lennox has achieved an exceptional amount, all unpaid, in just over two years. Since summer 2008, she has been the leading light in NACUE which is a fast-paced grassroots entrepreneurial movement that is stimulating student enterprise activities by supporting, connecting and representing enterprise societies, enterprising students and young entrepreneurs in universities across the UK.

Ms Lennox, as President of Oxford Entrepreneurs, has had a substantial impact on its enterprise promotion activities including founding and incubating Oxford Women in Business, running 46 events, securing £80k sponsorship, supporting start-ups and developing the first student-run start-up incubator in the UK.

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