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Juul Labs is the San Francisco start-up behind America's best-selling ecigarette. So successful is the product that "to Juul" has become a verb. Juuling is now a craze among US teenagers and the company has taken 72 per cent of the American ecigarette market.

But, writes John Gapper in his column this week, the US Food and Drug Administration has the "Nespresso of vaping" and other ecigarette manufacturers in its crosshairs. It could learn a lesson from regulators in the UK and Germany, John argues, where it is recognised that nicotine ought not to be treated as a menace equal to tobacco. The latter has been one of the greatest health hazards of the modern age. Nicotine is not.

Jim Yong Kim, president of the World Bank, contends that developing countries risk being left behind if they fail to invest in human capital.

US Democrats may revile Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell as cynicism made flesh, Janan Ganesh observes, but they would do well to cultivate some of the political and procedural wiles that have served him so well.

David Pilling argues that Angolan president Joao Lourenco has an opportunity to transform Africa's third-largest economy. It remains to be seen whether he is committed to the task. 

Anjana Ahuja worries that the reassertion of national sovereignty around the world leaves little bandwidth for dealing with the looming threat of climate change catastrophe.

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Resist all demands to shut down debate: letter from Jeremy Hicks, London, UK
Roger Lawson ( Letters) seems to have the same view of democracy as the president of Turkey, who once said: “Democracy is like a train. Once you reach your destination, you get off.” On the other hand he disagrees with Nigel Farage, who said a month before the Brexit referendum: “If it’s 48:52 then it’s unfinished business.” However much Mr Lawson may disapprove, real democracy recognises the right of the electorate to change its mind. I trust the Financial Times will ignore his request to shut down the debate.

In response to "How to avoid the next financial crisis" GSG says
A very gloomy prognosis in the most recommended comments — the next crisis is inevitable and will be a lot worse. Let’s just hope that Trump is not president and the Republicans don’t still have a majority in both houses as their response will ensure the worst possible outcome.

Industries well worth cherishing at £90bn a year: letter from Sir Peter Bazalgette, Author, Independent Review of the Creative Industries, 2017
Matthew Garrahan reports fully on the boom in video games, animation, film and TV drama in the UK. Inadvertently, the accompanying graphics give the impression that these production activities combined make up the creative industries and that their value to gross domestic product is £7.91bn. In fact the creative industries — embracing advertising and marketing, relevant software, architecture and design, music, fashion, radio and TV and so on — now contribute more than £90bn to our economy. That’s more than 5 per cent of GDP. All the more reason to cherish them.

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