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Lex is the FT’s premium daily business and finance column. It is the oldest and arguably the most influential column of its kind. For the FT’s free-to-read day, we are showcasing the breadth of our work, including: 
The outlook for Saudi Aramco’s $2tn IPO after drone strikes
Deep analysis of the world’s worst takeover
How WeWork hurt SoftBank
Lloyds Bank’s £50bn PPI bungle
Apple’s big bet on services
Whether MBAs are worth it

Sales are rising quickly, but so unfortunately are costs

Size estimates of the plant-based meat products market in the next decade suggest opportunities in China exist but could easily end up a niche for hipsters

As long as global interest rates remain ultra low, funds will keep arriving

The biggest winners from reductions would be large landlords

Shares rose because Tuesday’s annual results were decent, not because the planet has been saved

Auditor will need to provide more transparency than it may wish to offer