David Tang’s greatest hits

Eight of the best columns by the HK businessman, socialite and FT Agony Uncle

‘In Pyongyang, Kim Jong Un’s tailor cut me a ‘Kim’ suit: medium brown in colour with slightly flared trousers’

From Cancún and Macau to Dubai and Leeds, David Tang takes a tour of the most charmless urban centres he has encountered

‘The latest designs have lost a lot of their desirability. They look flashy and ostentatious, fussy with spoilers and hidden vents’

I didn’t want to appear a weed and ended up with a boring black square, as I was doing a crossword at the time

‘Was this stratospherically powerful man really making small talk about Chinese food and jackets?’

‘Any immigrant who starts work as an adolescent and survives America successfully is bound to be smart’

Picture a blissful Chinese family prospering in colonial Hong Kong — then a fortune teller intervened

What watch do you recommend for someone buying their first luxury time piece? Explore first the watch that fluoresces