The Midlands sweatpant buddha has proven once again that he alone has the vision to reinvent the UK high street in a way that works for everyone except customers, suppliers, employees, landlords, investees, sports teams, their supporters, lawmakers, taxpayers, vicars, shareholders and chimney sweeps.

[Sports Direct annual meeting sparks confusion - FT]

Whether it's for a third-party motorbike policy, a tax efficiency strategy, a microtargeted dezinformatsiya campaign or suspected illegal interference in a referendum potentially on behalf of an enemy state, you can be confident this pugnacious insurance or possibly mining mogul will have one of his names attached to the special purpose vehicle.

[The mystery Brexit funds - FT]

Former chief strategist of the New World Ordure, Mr Bannon now spends his days touring media conferences in a modern reinvention of the travelling circus act where each village's most cocksure lunk got to wrestle a bear.

[The devil in Steve Bannon - NYT]

Expensive, though not reassuringly.

[Carlos Ghosn exit - FT]

The fail-upward trustafarian son Donald Trump always wanted but could never afford. An adopted princeling whose ascent to malfeasance proves the dictum that if you achieve nothing, there's nothing to hold you back.

[The crises engulfing Jared Kushner - FT]

Articles declaiming MbS's agenda of enlightened liberal reform have become less frequent following the murder of a person that journalists might plausibly have met at a dinner party.

[The Khashoggi killing threatens the prince's project - FT]

Lingerie tycoon-turned-Conservative peer-turned-blockchain baroness. Tales From The Crypto's self-made Elvira discovered in 2018 that "the ICO World of Business" is a "very strange place of doing business", even for "one of the biggest experts in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain". She might consider some better definition lawyers in 2019.

[Mone's avant-garde dealmaking - FT]

Blunt weapon.

[Musk plays to human fantasy - FT]

Mr Ritchie served as co-chairman of the Presidents Club, a charitable trust for young people that touched many.

[Men only: inside the charity fundraiser - FT]

The right honourable member for Welwyn Hatfield and ██ artist formerly known as Michael Green wanted to make a comeback, until he was caught.

[Shapps resigns after FTAV discovers secret pay deal - FT]

It's often said that half the money spent on advertising is wasted, but no one knows which half. To categorise the percentage pocketed over the years by knight-owl Sir Martin is a matter best left to the lawyers.

[Why the ad king left WPP - FT]

US-China relations took an unpredictable turn this year when Beijing officials first heard about Ms Meng's arrest on Justin Trudeau's voicemail.

[National security doubts haunt Huawei - FT]

Hanlon's Razor advises to never attribute to conspiracy that which can be adequately explained by stupidity. Mr Wohl -- who suppurates in conspiracy yet can only be adequately explained by stupidity -- is not yet old enough to use a razor.

[A hoax designed to distract the nation - Vanity Fair]

A disgraced former casino boss who has denied multiple allegations of sexual harassment and assault, the President is a close friend of Mr Wynn, a disgraced former casino boss who has denied multiple allegations of sexual harassment and assault.

[A pattern of sexual misconduct - WSJ]

The parable of the boy who gorged on the particulars of three billion human lives but never found one of his own.

[The court of Mark - FT]

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