Sir, As a subscriber who lives in the US, I haven’t been overly attached to the Brexit controversy. Yet I was struck by the picture of UK prime minister Theresa May on the front page of Thursday October 6. Standing there with an all-embracing spread of her arms and a somewhat smug look on her face, she carried a vision of complete self-assurance. Yet, this seems discordant above a poster that reads “A country that works for everyone”. In all honesty, the poster should have a listing of those who think her leadership won’t work for them.

Apparently, there are many. Bankers and financial centres in London would be on that list, as well as economists who believe that Brexit will likely impair the UK economy, the elites she rails against scattered about the UK, skilled immigrants who may have to leave the UK, companies and other entities served by those immigrants, and probably some who voted to Remain as well as some who voted to Leave, just to mention a few examples.

As usual, time will tell how close she will come to “everyone” depending on how negotiations work out with the EU, but I suspect it will be well below 50 per cent.

Arnold Holtzman

Wilmington, DE, US

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