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A new group formed to campaign against Scottish independence hopes to give grassroots supporters of the union a musical boost with release of a “folky anthem” ahead of the September 18 referendum.

Announcement of the No Borders Campaign comes as polls show rising support for independence. Some politicians say the official cross-party Better Together campaign against leaving the UK is struggling to match the grassroots activity of the Yes Scotland and a clutch of other pro-independence groups.

Malcolm Offord, a Greenock-born former private equity partner who registered No Borders as a campaign participant, said the group’s creation was not meant as a criticism of Better Together, which he said rightly focused on the big political issues.

But he said a loose coalition of supporters, each of whom had contributed a maximum of £5,000, felt there was a need for a forum for “ordinary” pro-union voters previously unheard in the debate.

“What we want here is a bit more organised chaos,” Mr Offord said. “Lots of people are not comfortable talking about politics – this forum will let them talk.”

The group has already raised more than £150,000 but hoped to gather about £400,000. Spending limits mean most of that would have to be spent before the start of the formal campaign at the end of this month.

Mr Offord said that as well as hosting video contributions from voters on its website, the group was looking at press and cinema advertising. A priority would be promotion of a campaign theme tune described as a “folky anthem”.

Mr Offord said: “We want to get it out on the airwaves.” 

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