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Nobody ever got rich by being profligate — tomorrow’s millionaires need to think mean with their money. @FTthrift, our new blog, is the place for readers who enjoy the finer things in life (but don’t want to pay through the nose for them) to share their money-saving tips and ideas.

Whether you favour Waitrose or Aldi, the next time you do your supermarket shop, do it backwards. No, we don’t mean walking backwards, we mean starting in the drinks section and working back towards the main entrance.

Why? Anne Caborn of consumer website MoneyFightClub says supermarkets purposefully woo shoppers with fresh flowers, fruit and vegetables on arrival. In a misplaced health kick, we deviate from our lists and buy too much, only to see it rot in the fridge. At least you won’t have that problem if you buy too much wine.

How do you keep a grip on your bills? From free coffee to the finance apps, we want to hear your top money saving tips. You can tweet us @FTthrift or comment on the new FTthrift blog:

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