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Experimental feature

We asked students in photojournalism and documentary photography at London College of Communication to shoot a photo essay inspired by “London and the World”.

The winning entry from Graeme Weston is published here along with a selection of the runners-up.

Graeme Weston

Graeme Weston’s photographs focus on St Peter’s Italian Church in Clerkenwell, at the heart of London’s dwindling “Little Italy”.

Known to residents as “The Hill”, the area first became home to Italian émigrés in the early 1800s and the community grew to 12,000 by the turn of the 20th century. The Hill was heavily bombed in the second world war and many residents were interned, fled or perished.

The community never recovered but the church still draws a large Anglo-Italian congregation from across London and beyond.

Nana Arbova

Youth Futures, founded in 2012 by Joseph Duncan, hosts a weekly group for young people at Hollington Youth Centre in Camberwell, south London, offering a safe space, activities and guidance. Nana Arbova’s pictures record a Friday night meeting.

Robert Peltier

Robert Peltier’s “Grim Street SE1” looks beyond the surface bustle of Borough High Street and its surrounds. Despite the project’s title, Peltier says he often found warmth and sincerity

Christopher Bethell

The lack of affordable housing in London is driving low earners to explore alternative options. Under “guardianship”, owners pay companies to place people in empty properties at cheaper rents but without tenancy rights. Sometimes the properties “do not fit the usual standards of what ‘liveable’ should mean”, says photographer Christopher Bethell.

Lynda Laird

Bee colonies have been dying out around the world, but research into the problem found that they are thriving in cities because of factors such as low pesticide use and the diverse range of plants compared with rural farm monocultures. Lynda Laird photographed beekeepers in the city.

Daniel Kallberg

“London’s streets act as the meeting point between the public and the private spheres, where work, life and play collide and conjoin,” says Daniel Kallberg of his images.

Juanita Gonzalez

London has been a trendsetting location for menswear since the 16th century, says Juanita Gonzalez, who focused on the fashionably dressed men on the streets of Mayfair.

Theo McInnes

Theo McInnes’s photograph is from a series titled “Solitude”, which captures fleeting quiet and reflection amid the rush of city life. “Moments of solitude are too often disregarded in a city where everything is moving seemingly faster than the speed of light,” McInnes says.

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