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The Future of Capital is an FT video series about the technologies, people, companies and sectors behind transformations in money, trade and technology.

FT journalists offer insightful analysis of issues — from whether QE can be unwound around the world to bitcoin’s existential crisis — in our series of strikingly designed videos.

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Nicole Bullock: Nasdaq looks beyond stocks and bonds

Nasdaq’s technology pairs buyers and sellers of financial assets at lightning speed. Now it is exploring ways to enable trade beyond its traditional markets.

Jamil Anderlini: Will the renminbi ever really be a reserve currency?

The IMF has included it in its Special Drawing Rights currency basket, but there are big obstacles in its path to becoming a true reserve currency.

Laura Noonan: How women got wealthier

By 2021 women will be in charge of $18tn worth of the world’s wealth. Their control is rising more quickly than men, but what is behind this growth?

Shawn Donnan: The geopolitics of trade: who is winning?

These are uncertain times for global trade, and not just because of Donald Trump’s protectionist rhetoric.

Louise Lucas: China’s tech titans break into finance

Alibaba and Tencent are looking for new fields to expand their profits and power.

Gillian Tett: Relearning the rules of Adam Smith

Many of the core ideas behind Adam Smith’s vision of capitalism are being ignored. Four basic concepts need to be relearned.

Shawn Donnan: The boom in digital trade — how data are replacing physical goods

By 2025, cross-border data flows could be worth $20tn, more than current global trade in goods.

Gillian Tett: How US businesses lost faith in globalisation

Western multinationals have been outsourcing production to low-cost countries such as China. But are executives turning to localisation?

Claire Jones: Unwinding QE in the eurozone — who stands to lose?

Economies like Italy’s are still weak and there are fears gains made through QE could go into reverse.

Roger Blitz: The fall of King Dollar

2017 promised to be a strong year for the US economy, but the dollar has remained weak. That is good news for emerging markets — but not without risks.

Katie Martin: The rise of robot currency traders — what does this mean for humans?

Robots are much maligned as a potential source of flash crashes, but inexperienced traders should be a greater cause for concern

Martin Wolf: Cyber crime — how safe is our money in a cashless world?

There are myriad ways our digital life can be exploited by criminals and even governments

Chris Giles: The great QE unwind

Can we now return monetary policy to something like normal?

Maija Palmer: Banking’s fintech fears

Bankers are becoming worried about upstart fintech unicorns

Martin Wolf: Where cash stills matters

Digital payments are increasing rapidly but quick demonetisation can do harm

Izabella Kaminska: Bitcoin’s existential crisis

Crypto currency invented to disrupt traditional banking is under strain

Patrick Jenkins: Financial centres after Brexit — a bonanza for Europe?

Continental Europe stands to benefit when Britain leaves the EU

Rana Foroohar: Knowledge is the new capital

Why companies keep making one simple and costly mistake

James Kynge: China’s corporate debt addiction

The risk of boom turning to bust

Brooke Masters: Debt v equity — why have IPOs fallen?

Authorities are looking to curtail debt financing

Martin Wolf: Cash — a technology on the way out?

What a cashless society might look like

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