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Goldman’s hopeless memo Lucy Kellaway on a motivational email sent by an executive that, however well intentioned, is likely to fail miserably. “Its biggest problem is that it fails to heed the most important lesson of all . . . there is an inverse relationship between how many people an email is addressed to and its power to motivate”. (FT)

The life of a rogue spy Former CIA operative Frank Terpil died in Havana on March 1. His life was one of espionage, intrigue and entanglement with some of world’s most brutal dictators. (The Guardian)

Food worth going to prison for InGalera, a restaurant in Milan, recently opened to rave reviews and reservations are almost fully booked for this month. But its success may have more to do with the locale than the food: It is located inside a medium-security prison and the waiters and cooks areconvicted felons. (NYT)

The Corporate Jet Files An FT analysis of securities filings has found that many companies are still footing the bill for their executives to take personal flights on corporate jets, sometimes accompanied by family and friends. (FT)

The long way round The plummeting price of oil on international markets has had many effects — one of which is that it may be cheaper for ships to travel right around Africa than go through the Suez Canal. (BBC)

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